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Professional Coaching Certification

The profession of coaching has exploded in recent years as an ever-increasing number of individuals, as well as businesses and other entities, have benefited enormously from the assistance provided by professional coaches. Future exponential growth is virtually guaranteed as more and more individuals become aware of the wide range of benefits that can be achieved through competent professional coaching.

This being the case, there will be an increasing need to develop and refine standards for professional excellence about professional coaching and to develop educational programs and training experiences that will enhance the skills and effectiveness of practitioners providing professional coaching services.

The US Agency for Christian Counseling Credentials and Accreditations Grants Certification as Life Coach and Professional Coach.

USACCCA’s requirements for Certification on Professional Coaching. This type of certification is for those, whom are changing careers and want to become a skilled professional coach.  Existing helping professional (therapist, social worker, Christian Counselor/Christian Clinical Counselor, minister, etc), and want to expand their practice or transition to coaching. In addition to the career’s curriculum on the mentioned fields. The candidate needs to have completed an accredited Coaching Program, which include

  • Coaching Ethics and Conduct
  • Foundation of coaching.
  • Coaching Core Competencies
  • Inspiring Transformation
  • NPL applied to the coaching practice
  • Coaching Labs
  • Business Development
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Coaching Psychology
  • Coaching Supervision

The certification application carries a nonrefundable $150 fee.