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Dr. Danilo Polanco, President

USACCCA is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of promoting and providing Christian psychoeducation also known as nouthetic counseling.

USACCA is dedicated to practice counseling with the foundation and knowledge of Scripture while integrating theories and philosophies of psychology. The main goal is to inspire ongoing ministries of counseling to those in the fields of pastoral care, senior pastors, chaplains, ministry, and private professional counseling.

The Ministerial Gifts According To The Temperaments

This Temperament seminar leverages more than 20 years of study and research conducted by Dr. Danilo Polanco and his team on human personality.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy Seminar

BSFT is a structured, problem-focused, directive, and practical therapeutical approach to the treatment of conduct problems in families.

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Do you want to transcend? Dr. Polanco’s revolutionary book teach you how to success in life by identifying and developing the strengths of your temperament.

Raising Children Emotionally Healthy

Children learn who they are and how to identify, value, and communicate needs and feelings through interactions with their parents.

USACCCA Clinical Practicum Seminar

In depth experience to facilitate the professional, personal, spiritual formation inside a common therapeutic setting.


“I can attest that the vision of the organization is to recognize and equip competent, sensitive Christian counselors based on the Word of God”
Dr. Benny Rodriguez


USACCCA is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of licensing, certifying and accrediting the specialized ministries of Christian counseling, Christian psychology and christian psychoeducation with the foundation and knowledge of the Scriptures

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