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Licensed Christian Clinical Counselor

Upon verification of documentation and payment of a fee not to exceed $150, as set by board rule, plus the actual per applicant cost to the agency for the administration of the exam:

(I) Has made application there for and paid the appropriate fee.

(II) 1. Has a minimum of an earned doctorate’s degree from a Christian psychology or Christian counseling accredited program. Educational Programs that consists of at least 90 semester hours or 120 quarter hours of clinical and didactic instruction, including a course in human sexuality and a course in substance abuse. If the doctorate’s degree is earned from a program related to the practice of mental health counseling that is not accredited Programs, then the coursework and practicum, internship, or fieldwork must consist of at least 90 semester hours or 120 quarter hours and meet the following requirements:

a. Thirty-three semester hours or 44 quarter hours of graduate coursework, which must include a minimum of 3 semester hours or 4 quarter hours of graduate-level coursework in each of the following 13 content areas: Christian counseling theories and practice; human growth and development; diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology; human sexuality; Christian group theories and practice; individual evaluation and assessment; career and lifestyle assessment; research and program evaluation; social and cultural foundations; counseling in community settings; substance abuse. Theological dimensions of Christian counseling; Christian thought and faith; Courses in research, thesis or dissertation work, practicum, internships, or fieldwork may not be applied toward this requirement.

b. A minimum of 3 semester hours or 4 quarter hours of graduate-level coursework in legal, ethical, and professional standards issues in Christian clinical counseling practice, which includes goals, objectives, and practices of Christian counseling organizations, codes of ethics, legal considerations, standards of preparation, certifications and licensing, and the role identity and professional obligations of Christian clinical counselors.

c. The equivalent, as determined by the board, of at least 800 hours of university-sponsored supervised clinical practicum, internship, or field experience. This experience may not be used to satisfy the post-doctorate’s clinical experience requirement.

2. If the course title which appears on the applicant’s transcript does not clearly identify the content of the coursework, the applicant shall be required to provide additional documentation, including, but not limited to, a syllabus or catalog description published for the course.

Education and training in Christian counseling must have been received in an institution of higher education which at the time the applicant graduated was: fully accredited.

(III) Has had not less than 2 years of clinical experience in Christian counseling, which must be at the post-doctorate’s level under the supervision of a licensed Christian Clinical counselor or the equivalent who is a qualified supervisor as determined by the board.