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This program is designed to:

Pastors and Christian leaders who have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Counseling, Theology, from an Accredited University, College or Seminary and who want to obtain a license as a Pastoral Counselor. Those who do not yet hold a Bachelor’s degree but ‘have an Associate’ may obtain a certificate ‘as a Pastoral Counselor’ when they ‘complete all program requirements.

Program to complete license requirements in  Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling Technique (8hrs)
Pre-marital counseling (8 hrs)
Marriage Counseling (8 hrs)
Family Counseling (8hrs)
Clinical Documentation (8hrs)
Theory of Temperaments (8hrs)
Temperaments Technique in Pastoral Counseling (8hrs)
Ethical and Legal Matters in Pastoral Counseling (8hrs)

This program will be held over 8 weekends, the first weekend of each month, starting on the  first weekend of February 2022.
Hours: Fridays from  7:00am to  9:15pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to  5:00pm
The program has 200 hours of supervised practice.

Cost: U$ 1,200.00 Method of payment: cash or up to 6 installments.

Participants can  register as members of the Us Agency for Christian Counseling Credential and Accreditation (USAACCCA)  – $35.00 fee. The license and course completion certificate will be free for the first year. After one year the fee will be U$100.00 for license renewal.

To register for this program, contact us: 407-496-5353 – Dr. Danilo Polanco

NOTE: All participants will have the opportunity to continue their advanced studies at New Vision University.