Danilo Polanco, Ph.D, is a Christian Clinical Psychologist, who is also an ordained Minister for over twenty-five years (25). He is a psychologist, who has earned recognition and respect Nationally and Internationally by his conferences, seminars, and speech about Human Development and Temperaments functioning. Dr. Polanco is one of the Pioneer in the integration of Theology and Psychology in a Holistic approach to the human emotional/psychological disorders; conduct disorders; and relational problems. He has over twenty-five years of experience providing counseling to children, individuals, and families. He has dedicated many years of serving to the community along with his spouse, Dr. Izilda Polanco, who is also Christian Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Danilo Polanco is the founder and currently president/CEO of Christian Counseling Services of Central Florida; founder and current president/CEO the US Agency for Christian Counseling Credentials and Accreditation. Dr. Danilo Polanco is co-founder and current president the US Federation of National and International Coaches.

  • Licensed Christian Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D
  • Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor,
  • Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor,
  • Clinically Certified Temperament Expert/Therapist.

Danilo Polanco, Ph.D is the author of the followings books:

  • ¿QUIERES TRASCENDER? identifique y desarrolle las fortalezas de su temperamento,
  • Los Cinco Temperamentos
  • Os cinco temperamentos: Aprenda nos nomes de Deus como comprender melhor sua personalidade.

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